In the 17th and 18th centuries, merchantmen sailing under the English flag dominated the seas and international trade. The Navigation Acts restricted foreign ships from partaking in the trade between England and her colonies.


Richard Arkwright was one of the English inventors and businessmen who developed the first advanced machines (e.g. the Spinning Jenny and the Water Frame) and founded early factories. The goods produced in this manner were highly regarded in both the old country and by the Englishmen living in the colonies.

In Arkwright, 2 to 4 players lead enterprises and try to develop and run them profitably over several decades. It is important to invest in your own company and ensure that the value of its shares rises. The player with the most valuable portfolio of their shares wins the game.


In the beginning, workers are required to run the factories. However, their expensive wages (£2 - £5) make machines (£1) very desirable. To increase a factory's production of goods, you may hire more workers or improve the technological level of your factory.


You determine the price of your goods for each of your factories. To enhance the chances of selling your goods to serve the demand in England, you can improve the technological level of your factories, increase the quality of your goods, and partake in distribution activities. The higher these factors are, the more successful you will be. However, the higher your prices, the less appealing your goods become.

Now includes 80 custom wooden Factory Goods tokens! The Factory Goods represent the four different types of goods a player can create with their factories in the game: Food, Clothes, Cutlery, and Lamps.

2014 Golden Elephant winner

for Best Heavy Board Game

by Heavy Cardboard

Arkwright Factory Goods Tokens

2015 Jogo do Ano nominee

by Spiel Portugal

Meeple Realty has partnered with Capstone Games to create the officially licensed wooden insert for Arkwright. The wooden insert, designed and manufactured by Meeple Realty, features the finest quality wood to efficiently hold all game components and provide value added benefits to enhance the experience of playing Arkwright.


  • 1 large game board

  • 1 special markers mat

  • 4 factory mats

  • 4 harbor mats

  • 120 bills

  • 1 start player token

  • 2 timetable indicators

  • 4 neutral importer markers

  • 80 workers

  • 50 machines

  • 40 goods

  • 2 competition award markers

  • 4 share value indicators

  • 8 bonus markers

  • 16 price indicators

  • 16 distribution markers

  • 16 quality markers

  • 16 appeal indicators

  • 64 factory markers


  • 28 action markers

  • 16 contract markers

  • 17 event markers

  • 36 economy markers

  • 28 advanced action markers

  • 51 development tiles

  • 10 ships

  • 2 rule books

  • 1 player's book

  • 4 player aids

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