Starting with a limited amount of resources and workers, you set out to run your lumber mill as efficiently as possible. Savvy investments and proper planning will ensure that your mill will be the most profitable. Be cautious, however, for competition is fierce! You will need to secure the best cutting areas, make use of limited contract workers, and continually update and replace your equipment. Your competitors are not the only thing to worry about as you will also need to store enough firewood and food to survive the harsh winters.

After winning a design competition hosted by, Lignum was originally printed in 2015 with an extremely limited print run of ~500 copies. Capstone Games is excited to bring this brilliant design to wider audiences. Since 2015, Lignum has garnered nominations for Game of the Year from Heavy Cardboard and Spiel Portugal. 

Included in the Capstone Games edition is a brand new expansion, Joinery and Buildings, through the use of a double-sided game board. This expansion includes new tiles, Meeples, and additional player boards. In addition to the refreshed artwork and illustrations, there are now more Tasks, Winter cards, and Placement cards.

Overview by Bottom Shelf Board Games

Heavy Cardboard Teaches Lignum with a Full Play-Through


1 Double-sided game board

4 Sawmill boards

4 Sawmill board extensions

4 Woodpile tiles

10 Building tiles

60 Cards

234 Wooden pieces

200 Tokens

2 Rulebooks

2 - 4 players

120 minutes

Ages 12+

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