Haspelknecht - The Ruhr Valley is an expansion to Haspelknecht. The base game is required to play this expansion.


Coal mining has now become an inherent and lucrative business for farmers in the Ruhr Valley. The tunnels are dug deeper and longer through the use of iron. Water channels are implemented to help drain the pit water. Most of the population earns their living exclusively by coal mining and delivering the black gold to peddlers and the first coal barges cruising the river which gives its name to the valley and the entire area -the Ruhr.


Key Features:

  • Discover 2 new challenging game modules
  • Over 20 new development tiles are waiting to be explored
  • Players now have asymmetric tunnel layouts
  • A new resource, iron, is introduced to dig deeper in the tunnels


Game Mechanics:

  • Worker Placement
  • Action Point Allowance
  • Action Drafting
  • Technology Tree

Haspelknecht: The Ruhr Valley

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