Starting with a limited amount of resources and workers, you set out to run your lumber mill as efficiently as possible. Savvy investments and proper planning will ensure that your mill will be the most profitable.


Be cautious, however, for competition is fierce! You will need to secure the best cutting areas, make use of limited contract workers, and continually update and replace your equipment. Your competitors are not the only thing to worry about as you will also need to store enough firewood and food to survive the harsh winters.


The Green Meeples are included in this edition


Key Features:

  • Travel along the supply path, collecting valuable tools and workers
  • Make use of Planning cards to take bonus actions in a later round
  • Fulfill contracts for massive end-game victory points
  • Outsmart your opponents to secure the best wood cutting areas
  • You decide how to cut, transport, sell, and use your wood in the most profitable way
  • Contains 234 wooden pieces!


Game Mechanics:

  • Area Control
  • Programming Movement
  • Worker Placement
  • Contract Fulfillment


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