Three Kingdoms Redux recreates the historic tripartite between the Wei, Wu, and Shu states. You assume the role of one of the three lords and begin the game from asymmetrical positions, reflecting the manpower advantages Wei enjoyed in the early part of this period. The weaker states of Wu and Shu protect themselves by forming an alliance.

As a feudal lord, you manage the different aspects of running a state while guarding your borders against external enemies and rebellious tribes. Managing each aspect well will earn you victory points.

Be cautious, for the balance of power shifts constantly throughout the game. Understand and take advantage of these power shifts, and you will fulfill your grand ambition of reunifying China!


Key Features:

  • Reenact the historic unification of China during the Three Kingdoms period
  • Each player begins the game from aasymmetric positions
  • 69 unique Generals with special abilities to control
  • Manage the economic aspect of your state while battling your neighboring enemies
  • Take control of the power shifts throughout the game to ensure your victory


Game Mechanics:

  • Variable Player Powers
  • Card Drafting
  • Area Control
  • Bidding
  • Worker Placement

Three Kingdoms Redux

  • Only available in North America.

    For other locations, please contact your local game store.

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